Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the lifetime of the tensioner?

The tensioner can last a lifetime if you replace spare parts that we will provide and if the tensioner has been used correctly. Probably you won't even need any spare parts.

What is the accuracy of the machine?

EasyStringer tensioner is a manual constant pull. This means your hand is the engine of the tensioner. 

Three principle components: a bar clamp, a tension tester and a gripper. All these 3 components are working in coordination and are giving a very accurate tension.

You must keep your eyes on the scale all the time. If the tension drop, then the scale will indicate it and you can press the trigger to adjust it, so you constantly pull manually with the very light trigger.

What EasyStringer is made of?

EasyStringer version 6 is made of stainless steel, strong plastic and aluminium.

Does the racket suffer any frame distortion?

EasyStringer bracket is 100 % safe and doesn't cause any frame distortion because the 2-point mounting system doesn't bend thanks to the design.