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String to win

The world's lightest and smallest non-electronic stringing machine is the next generation's EasyStringer. Number one in portability. Perfect for tennis and badminton.

1. EasyStringer tensioner pulls only the string so it doesn't need 4 or 6 support system. EasyStringer has 3 support systems, 2 in the bracket support and 1 in the tensioner.

2. EasyStringer bracket support is completely safe. Zero disfigurement and pending because the distance between the racket and the table is low.

3. EasyStringer is a manual constant pull mechanism. The tension meter is connected directly to the string giving a precise tension.

4. EasyStringer strings all types of strings.






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Most Portable Stringing Machine in the Market - Introducing EasyStringer

EasyStringer Accurate constant pull

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The EasyStringer is a must for any tennis player young or old. It is so easy to use and surprisingly relaxing! I've been able to experiment with different tensions and strings. I don't worry about breaking a string during a tournament because I know that I can string my racket straight away quickly and the way I like it. It's been our best purchase this year, value for money, ease of use and really great customer service from the EasyStringer team. 10/10 recommended

Rafiki tennis

EasyStringer is perfect for travelling tennis player. Sometimes you don't even notice it in your bag, but when you need it it is always there.

Indrek Soome, Finland

I have been using EasyStringer since lockdown and it has been so useful for me because it is very simple to use and isn't that big so you can use it anywhere. it's very portable and can fit in your bag. it's the perfect piece of kit for a young aspiring tennis player to learn and start to string their own rackets!

Samuel Rayner, UK

My experience with my EasyStringer is so good. I didn’t know that I could get one string machine like this one. So light, comfortable and small for travel and play tournaments and string at the same time. I’m really happy with it.

Andrea Redondo, Spain

I’ve had the EasyStringer for a few months and I love it. It has saved me so much money on tour and also given me the opportunity to make money.

Joey Tkachuk, UK

EasyStringer is an innovation that every tennis enthusiast and competition player should have in their bag. The first tensioner that goes with you on the tournaments and you can hide it in the drawer at home.

Hannu Liimatainen, Finland

Light, portable and accurate tensioning system. EasyStringer is a great tool for traveling players and personal stringers. I used mine on 30+ rackets during lockdown and its still going strong today.

Michael Blease, UK, professional tennis coach

Being able to do tension work anytime and anywhere is best with EasyStringer.

Lasse Hiltunen, Finland

I really like EasyStringer. I take it with me to every tournament. I can string my son's rackets anytime and anywhere.

Jouni Kaaria, Finland